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Steps to build appropriate backlinks website database for seo?

Written By Unknown on Saturday, 3 January 2015 | 10:36

Making appropriate strategies for your website is necessary as Google updates different algorithms. You wouldn’t believe that there are various websites which are approaching your website to the success of link building. If you are considering quality backlinks so you must take about the following things:

1.      Checking IP status of Websites
2.      Categories of websites
3.      Page Rank and domain authority of website
4.      Check status of Dofollow or Nofollow tags
5.      Status of backlink as a Live URL or not

Let’s consider the thing about all the topics mentioned above.

Checking IP status of Websites
If you are looking for the website, it is necessary to choose only different IP websites because targeting links to different IPs will be as good as you create backlinks.

Build Appropriate Backlinks
How to Build Appropriate Backlinks

You see example in above image, distinguish between Same C Class IP websites and different. There are many online C Class IP checker tools which let you see the status of website. In case if you have build links, but you want to move same IP websites aside, just go to the account where you have created backlinks and disavow them. In this situation you will get only traffic and will be invisible to the crawlers.

Here are some of the IP checker tools which will provide you benefits with strongest database of different IP Class websites:


Categories of websites: Suppose you have travel website, only focus on niche directories to make your website more approachable to the travel database. If possible, prepare niche database and follow the work accordingly.

Page Rank & domain authority of website:

While building quality backlinks, everyone think to emphasize on domain authority and page rank of a website. Only build links PR to PR or above. Example: You website www.abc.com has page rank 2. To create backlinks you must take attention on 2 page rank website or above. Apart from that domain authority also considered which is also based on Page Rank and vice versa. If you create backlinks lower than your website’s page rank, it can be huge demerit to you. Thus, follow what I have mentioned right here.

Check status of Dofollow or Nofollow tags:

                   <a href=”http://www.abc.com/” rel=”nofollow” />

If you are not aware of nofollow tags so I would like to have your attention right here. “Nofollow” is marked as not to follow the link. It means you will create backlink but that link will not pass link juice (as a backlink). The excessive use of nofollow links may harm your website. Thus focus on only dofollow backlinks.

Status of backlink as a Live URL or not:

It is good enough for you if you are creating quality backlinks with live url status. In this you can come to know the status of website whether it is following nofollow or dofollow link.

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