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List of Most Popular High Traffic Social Media Sites 2016

Written By Varun Singh on Tuesday, 6 January 2015 | 09:53

At SEO Nett blog, you will find most commonly used social media websites list which are effectively used by professionals to generate traffics on website.

Social Networking Websites 2016

Whenever you try to build reputation for your online business you need to have support of Social media channels that too with daily engagement. If you are promoting your business worldwide, what you have to suppose to get your website traffic in major quantity. Just accessibility of the social media websites will provide you unique visitors with some of the lead generating customers. Since the popularity of high volume traffic generating websites to the current year (2016), you can count thousand of SMO websites which you frequently use to boost your website’s traffic.    

Why Social Media Channels for High Volume Traffic:

Social Media Marketing Websites
Social Media Websites for online Marketing
Here, I will let you know about some of the specific reasons why you must choose the traffic generated platform to make your website’s popularity worldwide. Though there are some of the social media channels region based which are very famous to use, but now a day these have become the primary approach to tag latest trends. I would like to have your attention on what’s the main purpose these websites are being used. Let consider, if you have created your online business and you don’t know about how to make your business popularity in the society and then across the world. It is necessary to get help from all social media channels. You definitely will get traffic but the thing you must follow while creating social channels:
  • Create a genuine Account Profile and Business Page.
  • Fill your profile or business page About Us section, so that any visitors can easily come to know what exactly you offer.
  • Add website and referral URLs, Email ID and contact no. to your info section so that they can be referred to you and be engaged.
  • Share daily posts with Hash (#) trends on popular and targeting keywords.
  • Follow others, discuss like and share whatever you want to explore with.
All these activities can now be seen in different high traffic social media websites. You don’t have to go wrong with business information going to list in info section otherwise it could be one of the demerits to lose your lead. Thus, Make popularity of your business, brands or products with high traffic generated social media sites. These are:
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Google+
  5. FriendFeed
  6. Pinterest
  7. VKonta
  8. App.Net
  9. Myspace
  10. Tumblr
  11. StumbleUpon
  12. Digg
  13. Delicious 
  14. Reddit
  15. Storify
  16. List.ly
  17. Bundlr
  18. Scoop
  19. PRoots
  20. Nwoow
  21. Behance
  22. Quora
  23. Imgur
Boosting your website traffic with these social media platform is also perfect to get business related queries. So, do hurry up and connect with these accounts. 


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